Electrical panel upgrades are just what they sound like. You are basically upgrading your existing electrical panel to a new panel.

With all the new appliances and electronics that we now have in our Spokane homes, some older homes may not have sufficient power available to handle the increased demand. Therefore, a Spokane electrical panel upgrade maybe required. This includes not only an upgrade to your electric panel, but an upgrade to your meter socket and wire size between the meter and panel. Our professionally trained Spokane electricians can provide electrical panel upgrades for homeowners and businesses in the Spokane area.

Our Spokane electrical panel upgrades are conducted by specialists who note than the most common signs your home’s electrical system in need of an upgrade include: flickering lights, blown fuses and tripped breakers, appliances randomly shutting off, unexplainable power outages, and outlets and switches that do not work.

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Our Spokane Electrical Panel Upgrades:

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